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Green Households: Solid Waste Management with a Focus on Domestic Work

Places of ocurrence

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Implementing organizations

Federación Nacional de Mujeres Trabajadoras (FENAMUTRA); Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadoras Domésticas (SINTRADOMES); Asociación de Trabajadoras del Hogar (ATH).

Main objective:

To provide skills for solid waste management and recycling to women domestic workers in Santo Domingo and to influence the fight against women.

Main results:

  • 45 women domestic workers acquired skills in solid waste management, recycling, handicrafts, and ecofeminism.

  • Entrepreneurship was fostered in 45 women domestic workers through selling objects produced in the workshops. 

  • Actors from public institutions sensitized on gender violence and environmental policies through the proclamation "Don't attack me! A cry for Mother Nature".

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