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Ecosystems in Disaster Risk Management with a Gender Approach in the Context of Pandemic by COVID-19

Places of ocurrence

El Salvador, Guatemala and Brazil

Implementing organizations

Colectiva Feminista para el Desarrollo Local (El Salvador); Guatemala Foundation; Unión Nacional por Moradia, UNMP (Brazil)

Main objective:

Contribute to the strengthening of local actors in their right to the city and public policies' development, especially in the right to water and the protection of ecosystems.

Main results:

  • Strengthened competencies in 75 local actors in their struggle for the right to the city; access to housing and water; strengthening food systems; and ecosystems protection. 

  • Course "Ecosystems in disaster management with a gender approach in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Weaving feminisms" designed.

  • Systematized women's experiences on community risk management with a gender perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic in Guatemala, Brazil, and El Salvador.  

  • Actors from academia and public institutions sensitized on the contribution of women in advocacy for the right to water and environmental protection through the communication campaign "Weaving Feminisms for good living in cities and territories."

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