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V Art and Culture Festival: Quilombo of Catucá

Places of ocurrence

Camaragibe, Pernambuco, Brazil

Implementing organizations

Quilombo do Catucá Cultural Center, Ilê Axê Oyá TOgum, Group Pé no Chão

Main objective

Promote the articulation of the population of Camaragibe through the ancestral knowledge of Candomblé as practices of healing, culture, art, and education.

Main results:

  • Infrastructure habilitation and restructuring of the Quilombo Cultural Center of Catucá to promote cultural encounters among the population.  

  • Capacities strengthened from the community and traditional practices of Candomblé to combat gender inequalities in the territory. 

  • Two art and culture festivals were held, promoting the articulation of the population of Camaragibe.

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Quilombo do Catuca

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