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Advocacy on gender, race and ethnicity in
the management of public policies


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  • Quilombo do Catuca

Camaraguibe, Recife, Brazil

Grupo Pe no Chao


This project aims to articulate territorial relations, promote and disseminate the various community experiences with black, indigenous, gypsy women, LGBTQIA+communities and among other entities that cross the territory.

Festival Quilombo de Catucá

Project methodology

Establish alliances with other community and institutional entities in activities and meetings.

Care of the infrastructure, allowing the development of other activities.


Affirmative, organic and planned actions from the territory itself in relation to the community.

Provide educational, political and economic opportunities as a sustainable process.

“Um quilombo não se faz com uma pessoa só”

Main activities of the project

Giras de falação

“O Quilombo Catucá se tornou um espaço com reconhecimento e autonomia para promover discussões que ainda eram pensadas com muito tabu na comunidade do entorno e na sociedade em geral”

Body, mind and spirit in a constant process of transformation, relationships and rhythms.

Territorial modifications favor the long-term well-being of community agents in different localities, where access to cultural, educational, political, artistic and economic development formed part of the socioeconomic foundations of the territory.

The joy of the people, actions, expressions, art and culture were the foundations of revolutionary movements and struggles and belonging and ancestral legacy.


Transformations of the territory

The project highlights the importance of peripheral bodies in access to other forms of communication and information, because in this exchange of knowledge, teaching and learning are transformative and constant for community agents, with "the body as the first source of knowledge and producer of knowledge"

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“O Festival é a proposta de ampliar esse encontro e também oferecer novas possibilidades de reflexão e ação com quem participa”

November 22 to 27
  • YouTube


The Festival was held from November 22 to 27, 2021, with 5 days of free programming, showing recordings of local cultural shows and neighboring cities on Canal Quilombo Catucá on You Tube.

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